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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

wordpress = success

so i love love love wordpress!

check out the new (b)log at


Tuesday, July 27, 2010

testing, testing.

(b)log is giving wordpress a whirl for a week.
check it out and let me know what you think!
(not crazy about the actual website- but loving the mobile version!)

Monday, July 26, 2010


pardon the lack of posts while (b)log makes the big switch (or attempts to switch) to word press!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

skype me.

i finally signed up for a skype account! (inability to sleep + app store = dangah) wanna be mah friend? skype me: brittanyshelby

well... maybe just add me to your list and skype me next month. im already wayyyy over my data plan. strongly like my iPhone - dislike AT&T like whoa...

odd story- right after I took this screen shot my credit went up from no credit to €0.09... no idea what that is or why they think I'm british but we'll roll with it.

Friday, July 23, 2010


headed home- so exhausted! toured fenway today and ate a delicious steak dinner at flemings. can't wait for bed (and the gym asap)

wrong seat mom.

my mom in the press box at fenway- she's sitting where the statistician usually sits... good thing there no game (let's just say I got my math smarts from me pa)

although i already knew most of the fenway facts (my popu would be proud) I did learn that original name of the team was the Boston Americans. another fun fact stored- bring it trivia!

i also learned that despite my strong, immense, burning desire for red sox silly bands i do infact have some self control and refrained from waiting in line with five year olds- go me! (but if you want to buy them for me as a gift I won't object...)

Thursday, July 22, 2010

east side withdrawal

can't wait for Saturday night- jibbia style!!!! eat a salt bagel for meeee.

could you tell i can't sleep and am downloading new apps- enjoying this captioning one. just need to put the phone down and shut off the tv... someones making that difficult though!

barking out loud: snuggs style.

girls night at the duck and bunny Tuesday was wonderful- I'm going to miss my sugar lovin bocce partner Mallory soooo much! (but can't wait to visit her down south- woo)

the food was delicious and the garden was lovely to dine in- this would be perfect for a birthday or bridal/baby shower.

what was not lovely- our waitress. she was either high, drunk, or mentally challenged. or maybe a bit of all three. id tell you all about it but missie started her own providence restaurant review blog!!! love it (check it out at!) so glad we can now eat AND blog together. go read her duck and bunny review for the full story, follow her shizz and let anyone you know in rhode island to check it out! totally (b)log approved.

lots of food later we hit up the hot club (heck yeah) for a beer courtesy of tr and enjoyed the nice night on the water!

although I might not recommend either place to anyone- it was lots of fun and im so glad we could all get together for some quality girl time before mals big move. (so excited for her- nothin beats packin up and moving someplace totally new! brought back the good tingles from my first few months here)

lobsters ducks and giant noodles

sorry this chickadee has been mia- me and the familia have been hitting the bean hard! full update later but here's a quickie rundownnn:

we started off today at mike and pattys in bay village- holy egg fancy. this sandwich was chock full of bacon, avocado (nuff said), cheese, egg and spicy mayo. i. died.

then before operation: get b&b out of the cube and into a, er, bigger cube began we toured trinity church. gorg! def the church you wanna stroll down in a big ol white dress. (I also liked that they sold a shirt that said "free wine on Sundays")

the operation unfortunately continues tomorrow but no worries! after a quick finagle we got our quack on on a duck boat tour. things I learned: paul revere was a manwhore with 16 kids and although I already knew I loved that dirty water- I learned why it was oh so dirtay. I also learned duck boats are probably goin down because they let 2 year olds drive them- like for real. I had my lifevest ready. see that small head in the seat? something tells me he doesn't have his boating license- or the ability to tie his own shoes.

oh and I also learned four square has quite the sense of humor...

all the water and sunshine calls for lobstahhh. had a feast at the barking crab- steamers, clams, crabs, and lobbys! (note how excited the 13 year old is in all pics)

strolled around fanieul hall, partook in a street performance (a street dancer literally did a backflip over me- happens to me all the time) but unfortunately my bro has the pic of that (I was too busy trying to not get a roundhouse to the face) and I finally got to see the giant noodle! (although a better picture is needed- my mother has zero concept of a good angle.)

busy day tomorrow too so I'm off! promise to give a full update later but for now im enjoying good food, my wonderful family, and the sunshine in this amazing city I've made my home!

hope everyones weeks going fabulosaaa.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

alexs first t ride

off to the north end for some italiano!